If ever were there a gallery who would kick off their new space with a massive, unique and eclectic look at New Contemporary art, it would be our friends at Thinkspace Projects. And here they have. Always at the forefront of growing and moving this movement across multiple institutional and geographic locations, its exciting that Thinkspace has opened a big new space, one that captures the spirit of their curation and bold work of the artists they show. Aloha, Mr. Hand features over 150 artworks from their family, from Hilda Palafox to Jeremy Geddes, Esao Andrews and Cinta Vidal. 

After a year of charity work, keeping their programming going and being supportive of so many emerging artists, Thinkspace expands from its current 2,200 square foot space in Culver City and more than double in size to a 4,500 square foot warehouse in the new Jefferson / La Brea arts district in the heart of Los Angeles. With the incredible struggles that their home county of Los Angeles have gone through over the past three months with COVID surgues, and even though this show is for scheduled visitation-only, we are so proud to see them grow in such difficult times. Channeling Spicoli, Thinkspace ends their new press release with a simple statement: “If I’m here, and you’re here, doesn’t that make it our time?”