All Decked Out is a skate deck show curated by Zissou Tasseff-Elenkoff and Alejandro Mario Martell. With a lineup of over 100 artists from all over the world, Zissou and Alejandro are endeavoring to highlight the spirit and versatility of art that takes place on the street, that is not often in the limelight, but that dictates culture nonetheless.

The show will take place in Epiphany Center for the Arts, a beautiful, historic church, readapted as an all inclusive space for music, art, exhibitions and more. Displayed in the beautifully atmospheric Catacombs, All Decked Out will feature some of the finest creatives from all over the city and more, blending together different aesthetics and mediums.

The street has long since been the space where authentic art and the heart of a city take shape. What is more emblematic of this than a skate deck: a way to carry art with you at all times, or rather, a way for art to carry you. A deck is not something that is meant to stay nice and new, it’s meant to get scratched and beat up, emblazing more stories and memories on top of the original ones. A constantly evolving piece that lives alongside its owner. With this exhibition we aim to highlight the living, transformative nature of art that’s meant to extend past gallery walls. //