This past weekend, Stone Sparrow NYC inaugurated its space with the group exhibition A Taste of Sparrow, the curatorial vision of gallery owner and jewelry artist, Marina Eliasi.

The show features everything from life-sized sculptures and photorealist graphite drawings to sumptuous wearable art pieces. Susannah Zucker's arresting work greets you with a 3/4 life scale ceramic sculpture Taste of Sparrow, a child-like figure outfitted with glass eyes and hands fluttering with feathers. Alan Macdonald's surrealist work on the opposing wall captivates with quirky compositions, multiple-scale figures, rock n' roll references, and masterful renderings, while Daniela Kovacic's paintings in the rear vibrate with lush fabrics and high-resolution renderings.

ATasteOfSparrow 0012
Chris Guest, Modern Entanglement

The show features the works of Daniel Acosta, Eirik ArnesenMichael Alfano, Shannon Downey, Susan Fauman, Rose Freymuth-Frazier, Elle Green, Chris Guest, Michelle Avery Konczyk, Francesco Lombardo, Adam Lupton, Caitlin McCormack, Tavo MontavoJesse SternHelice Wen, Zee Haag, Ling Ling Moorman, and Michaela Sagatova.

ATasteOfSparrow 0015
Rose Freymuth Frazier, Reclining Hermaphrodite

Inspired by the second century marble sculpture Sleeping Hermaphroditus and possibly the star of the show is Rose Freymuth-Frazier's Reclining Hermaphrodite, an absolutely gorgeous nude portrait that has resided in the artist's studio for over a decade, just waiting for the perfect moment to be unveiled for the first time. There are elements of dark sensibilities throughout, along with the lighter, ethereal work of Helice Wen. 

Stone Sparrow NYC's A Taste of Sparrow is on view through July 28th, 2019.