We recently announced the big Hong Kong takeover by KAWS with a survey solo exhibition organized by HOCA and a public art installation of a 37-meter inflatable COMPANION docked in Victoria Harbour. After spending last week in the city, we just wanted to follow up with some images of what we've experienced there, both in terms of works on view and the reaction of locals and visitors.

Our Winter 2019 cover artist once again proved his position as one of the most iconic artists, if not brands, of our time. With day tickets for his exhibition regularly sold out, and an orderly queue being constant at the KAWS:HOLIDAY installation viewing deck, NYC-based artist pretty much stole the show right in front of main fairs that are Art Basel or Art Central. The whole week also created a great lead up towards NIGOLDENEYE Vol. 1 auction at Sotheby's, resulting in a record-breaking sales with his iconic 2005 painting, THE KAWS ALBUM, selling for $116 million HKD ( approx. $14.8 million USD). —Sasha Bogojev

KAWS: ALONG THE WAY curated by Germano Celant will stay open at PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong, through April 14, 2019.

Show installation photo credits by Jonty Wilde, KAWS:HOLIDAY photo credit by @SashaBogojev