Now that we are on the precipice of the Fall exhibition season, our friends in Australia are getting ready for the same in their own Spring exhibition season. We are taking a look at some of the action going on there, and our old friends at 19 Karen in Mermaid Beach, Queensland are getting ready for a big opening on August 21 of "6 Mini Solo Shows" featuring six Australian artists: Go Suga, Amber Kingi, Jayde Chandler, Leigh Pearson, Robyn Leoni Abbott and Todd Romanowycz. The beauty of the showcase is that it shows the range of the 19 Karen program but also the range by which we look at contemporary art, from pop, street art and fine art painting. 

From the gallery: Each artist wil showcase pieces that portray their artistic perspective via a theme that represents their current creative identity. This innovative format promises guests a sample of various artists and styles all in one seamless curation. From abstraction to expressionism, figurative to retro-urban, the appeal to this upcoming show is far reaching and it is sure to tantalise. The concept was developed by gallery Director Terri Lew last year as means to continue to support local artists, as well as delight art enthusiasts, amidst the changing cultural climate.