There has always been an intimate rawness to the works of Nat Meade. What we often see are his color works, with earth tones that layer emotionally created faces hiding and blending with nature. The colors are so of the earth that the figures seem to be born out of the weeds and grass and plants. They are stunning in their balance. But that is what makes a show of his drawings so special; you still get that intimacy and connection to the environment, and notice the nuances of his marks. The works will be on display at One Mile gallery in Kingston, NY this September. 

I started making these drawings in the spring of 2020. We were in triage mode in my day job and I began to draw during the hours-long stretches of Zoom meetings," Meade says. "They were a way for me to stay connected to my artistic practice, and to make more resolved work outside the studio. They have since become an instrumental part of my larger practice.”

What is here is 24 never-before-exhibited graphite-on-paper works by the Brooklyn-based artist, curated by Tod Lippy, and feel like a special insight into an artist who's body of work is a true sense of the times. —Evan Pricco