From December 4—8, 2019, at the Hotel of South Beach and taking place during Miami Art Week, Juxtapoz will present a special 25th anniversary group show, Juxtapoz at 25: In Black & White, featuring over 100+ drawings from the present and future of contemporary art. Shown in conjunction with both the new Juxtapoz Black & White book and Winter 2020 Issue release, the exhibition will coincide with special musical performances and a bruch drawing day with Paris-based artist, Jean Jullien. The show is made possible by Vans and a special partnership with Wynwood Walls. 

Throughout the history of Juxtapoz, the magazine has strived to create not only a historical lexicon of outsider and underground arts, but an approachable language that connects the dots between these movements and the contemporary art movement. From Mark Ryden, Shepard Fairey, Laylah Ali, James Jean, Conor Harrington, SwoonAlicia McCarthy, Ellen Berkenblit, Marcel Dzama, Trenton Doyle Hancock and Jenny MorganJuxtapoz at 25: In Black & White brings together over 100 artists from around the world who are past cover artists, most recently featured in the print publication or the next generation of painters and illustrators that the magazine. 

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The artists in  Juxtapoz at 25: In Black & White include: Brian Calvin, Timothy Curtis, Rebecca Ness, Eddie Martinez, James Jarvis, Erik Foss, Kimou "Grotesk" Meyer, Jean Jullien, Jenny Morgan, Ana Benaroya, Todd James, Jason REVOK, Nathan Bell, Conor Harrington, Paul Wackers, James Jean, Anna Park, Marcel Dzama, Christian Rex van Minnen, Ryan Travis Christian, Marcus Brutus, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Bert Krak, Ines Longevial, Tim Biskup, Shepard Fairey, Kelly Marie Beeman, Cody Hudson, Coady Brown, Swoon, Jillian Evelyn, Jeffrey Cheung, Laura Berger, Mark Thomas Gibson, Rebecca Morgan, Axel Void and VOID Projects, Alicia McCarthy, PREF, Sage Vaughn, Andrew Schoultz, Maxwell McMaster, Hilary Pecis, Kristen Liu Wong, Danielle Orchard, Hiba Schahbaz, Hilda Palafox, Doze Green...

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Mark Ryden, Marion Peck, Josh Jefferson, Super Future Kid, Eleanor Swordy, Theresa Chromati, HuskMitNavn, Dabs Myla, Camille Rose Garcia, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Ed Templeton, Mel Kadel, Daniel Gibson, Grace Rosario, Lilian Martinez, Audrey Kawasaki, Seonna Hong, Faith XLVII, Hyuro, Baldur Helgason, Paul Insect, Eric Haze, Alison Blickle, Anja Salonen, Javier Calleja, Jen Stark, Jeremy Fish, Sam Friedman, Delphine Hennelly, Add Fuel, How Nosm, Mary Iverson, Anna Valdez, Katy Ann Gilmore, Jules de Balincourt, Lady Aiko, Heather Day, Laylah Ali, Lamar Peterson, Hatecopy, Cathrin Hoffman, GaHee Park, Monica Kim Garza, Tony Toscani, Cassie Namoda, Shona McAndrew, Kristin Farr, Carl Krull, Shantell Martin, Marina Zumi, Jay Howell, Ellen Rutt, Robin Eisenberg, Ellen Berkenblit, Amanda Martinez, Adele Renault, Saner, Heather Benjamin, Molly Bounds, Matthew Fisher, Lily Wong, Dougles James, 1UP Crew, Jen Mann, David Jien, Michael Kagan, Jason Seife, Raymond Leistra, Sean Norvet, Amy Crehore, Daniel Rich, Kendra Yee, Mark Gonzales and more! 

Also, Juxtapoz will be hosting a special book signing and drawing "Brunch" event with Paris-based and past cover artist, Jean Jullien. The book, Lesconil, was released in conjunction with Jullien's latest exhibition with NANZUKA Underground, Tokyo. 

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