Harman Projects is pleased to present Petites Luxures In NYC!, a solo exhibition by the eponymous Parisian artist. This will be the artist's first solo presentation with the gallery and his second solo exhibition in New York City.

A successor to the Boudoir artists who thrived in France from around 1900 to 1940, Petites Luxures brings a contemporary aesthetic to a legacy established a century ago. Luxures employs creative wordplay and thoughtful mark making resulting in clever and erotic illustrations. Exploring intimacy and sexuality across a variety of media, Luxures' unique brand of cheeky art makes use of phrases combining both French and English words to find humor in sensuality.

The artist's signature drawings often feature black line work of sexual scenes with carefully omitted sections that push the work into varying levels of abstraction. This use of selective information invites the viewer to take a more intentional look at the work in order to fully grasp the nature of the image.

In addition to the minimally illustrated drawings and paintings on paper that the artist is widely known for, they have created several paintings on canvas, three dimensional collaged paintings displayed in antique domed glass frames and a series of sculptural works to round off the expansive exhibition.