"The way that I think of it, because the two things are formally so different from one another, is that there's a narrative world in the animations, and then these works drop down out of it," Matt Bollinger told us in his Spring 2022 feature. "It's like a big umbrella because, for a little while, it was confusing, even to me. It was like, 'Is the painting coming from the animation or the animation coming from the painting?' And then I realized everything was coming from my drawing and narrative, my writing, the writing part of the studio. I spent a lot of time in my sketchbook doing tiny drawings, and then the images either want to move or they want to be still. And it tends to be whether or not they arrive as a scenario or they arrive as a pictorial framework, like a set of geometry that works within a rectangle or something." 

Today we wanted to look at one of his most ambitious animations, "Three Rooms," an 18-minute hand-painted, stop-motion animation from 2018.