Today, we're extremely excited to premiere Part 2 of Facing the Giant: Three Decades of Dissent, a documentary on 30 years of Shepard Fairey and his Obey Giant project. Having covered Shepard's work for years, most recently on the cover of our 200th issue, and while celebrating our 25th anniversary as a print magazine, we recognize a unique kinship between Juxtapoz, Shepard, and his career as a global icon for street art. As he embarks on a busy summer commemorating his three-decade career, enjoy part 2, where Shepard talks about how the environment surrounding America's political system in the early 21st Century inspired his work. 

"Throughout the second 10 years of my career, I became more overtly political," Shepard says. "At the time, George W. Bush was president, and I saw that as a move in the wrong direction for our country. I felt the need to be more direct about my opinions. My civic engagement is important, and so is everybody else's; I wanted to lead by example."

Watch Part 1 here. 
Film by Chop em' Down Films