As the art world will come to a standstill for the next few weeks or months due the Coronavirus, Juxtapoz will be highlighting a series of films, classic interviews and documentaries that we hope people will watch during their downtime. For the past few years on our Instagram account, we have been presenting #JuxSaturdaySchool, informative and vintage shorts from the world of art, curated by Josh Jefferson. Today, we take a look at more current classic documentary, the vital and wide-ranging look at street photography by Cheryl Dunn, 2013's Everybody Street

Through a series of interviews and personal accounts of their careers, Dunn traverses the eras of NYC most important street photographers. What's incredible about this documentary, with conversations from Bruce Davidson to Martha Cooper, Boogie to Jill Freedman, is how much as changed with street photography just in the past 7 years! Obviously the evolution of camera phones and sharing has changed the way we think of photography, but Everybody Street is about the stories that make photography so unique, the dedication and steadfast hours put into the craft. And, in many ways, a good photograph can stand the test of time, no matter the medium. This film is a must-watch. 

Read our recent interview between Shepard Fairey and Cheryl Dunn here

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