Our friends at Vans have partnered with four rising visual artists to honor Latinx Heritage Month as part of the So Much More initiative. The featured artists include Colombian American nonbinary artist Marisa Fulper, visual artist and musician Camilo Medina, Chicago-based artist Tatee Garcia and Los Angeles-based painter Daniel Gibson. 

Putting the power in the hands of the young Latinx creatives, So Much More works to break down preconceived, one-dimensional notions of Latino identity through each artist’s interpretation of what Latino culture means to them. The artists explored varying themes and ideas such as food, traditions, symbols, etc., through one-of-a-kind designs, ultimately presenting authentic, multi-faceted depictions of Latinidad, showing that there is so much more to the dynamic community.

The posters will be available in limited quantities at Vans stores throughout the US, including shops in Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and more - list of cities below.  Additionally, Vans will be launching special programming on its Channel 66 station featuring Latinx artists and creatives such as Totem Magazine, Salt Cathedral, and Buscabella.