Over two years in the making, Jason S. Wright and B. Thom Stevenson launch their inaugural collection Question RealityTM under their House of Miracles label. Known for their eclectic styles, Question RealityTM blends their inspirations and practices onto tangible goods. Question RealityTM is an extension of the Miracle philosophy; one should never accept life as it is, question everything. The human psyche has the power to build new worlds and change everything, and it all begins with a shift of perspective.

Featuring a range of handmade garments from the artists’ studio, each piece of the collection draws inspiration from the universe and all its mystery. While each item stands on its own, the collection has a connective tissue through it and is meant to be worn together. With oversized graphics, unique screen-printing techniques, and placements, every piece of the Question RealityTM collection was handmade within close-knit communities, no one being exactly the same.

Question RealityTM is available in limited quantities on June 4th at 10 am EST, with prices ranging from $40 to $200.

About House of Miracles
House of Miracles is the collaborative studio and creative practice of artists B. Thom Stevenson and Jason S. Wright, where water, earth’s life force, is the keystone in a mission to shift perspectives toward the good in the world, the Miraculous. Working at the intersection of beverage and fashion, Miracle Seltzer and Miracle Water are the foundation for a lifestyle brand that provides a platform for artists and their communities through clothing, exhibitions, and activations while delighting in the Miracles that are happening around us every day.