Of all the artists that have come to define the Mission School or Beautiful Losers movements, Chris Johanson is a bit of a special anomaly. He has been on the periphery of the "scene" per se, but a major influence on the directions that folk art and fine art are talked about in the 21st century. 

That is why we are excited and find it special he is taking his more abstract works and collaborating with Vans on a capsule collection. With a series of shoes and apparel, centered around a swirling pattern and Chris' love of surfing, the Portland-based painter and Vans have dedicated the line to "Emphasizing a shared vision for sustainability, many pieces in the collection lean into different eco-materializations and designs by utilizing organically-grown cotton from non-genetically modified seed with no synthetic pesticides, as well as an eco-rubber compound made from responsibly sourced natural rubber instead of petroleum derived synthetic rubber." 

The Vans x Chris Johanson collection is available now at Vans retailers and Vans.com/surf.