The A'Design Awards is always a chance for Juxtapoz to catch up on the most innovative, fun and forward-thinking design practices and ideas going around the world. We have been showcasing the competition for a few years now, and always find ourselves drawn to the interior and packaging design ideas, and even the furniture designs catch our attention. Each year, A'Design gives out prizes to the best ideas that are submitted in their competition, and, as we show you in the gallery above, hundreds of finalists are showcase. 

Every year, creative projects that focus on innovation, technology, design, and creativity are awarded the A' Design Award. Designers worldwide are called to take part in the accolades by entering their best works, projects, and products. Entries are accepted as long as they were designed in the last 10 years. Designers of all stripes are encouraged to apply, and further information about the different categories can be found here. For the 2018-19 competition, there were 2,437 Winners from 106 countries in 98 different design disciplines. We picked some of our favorites for you here today!