The Chambers Project presents a new Aoxomoxoa poster by psychedelic legend Rick Griffin, Roger Dean’s original Relayer painting, and contemporary rock and roll silkscreen masterpieces by Zoltron to a legion of fans at the Festival of Rock Posters in the Hall of Flowers, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Saturday October 21, 2023.

The return of psychedelia as therapeutic medicine has been accompanied by a resurgence of enthusiasm for vintage visionary and psychedelic art. Now an extraordinary poster by the classic psychedelic designer Rick Griffin has been restored from the original 1960s artwork. The recreated Aoxomoxoa (image attached) will debut at this year’s Festival of Rock Posters.

Griffin was literally the poster boy of San Francisco’s 1960s psychedelic scene, designing many of the iconic images that have come to define the West Coast hippy era. His innovative design for the Grateful Dead album Aoxomoxoa is among the most famous of the album covers of the period and encapsulates the aesthetics of its visionary art. Gallerist and artrepreneur Brian Chambers is thrilled to be exhibiting the poster. He explained,  "It was originally designed for the Grateful Dead shows at the Avalon, January 24th 25th and 26th in 1969. They liked it so much they used it as the album cover.” 

Chambers is at the center of the storm of 21st century psychedelic art. The Chambers Project is the exhibit space for a roster of painters and sculptors representing the best of the movement, from original drawings and paintings by Griffin, Mouse, and Roger Dean to the psychedelic tsunami of new generations of artists like Zoltron, Alex Grey, Mars-1, and the Furtherr Collective.