We spent a long time with Paris-based fine artist, Jean Jullien, while we were making our black and white show in Miami this past December. We sat down with him for a fantastic Radio Juxtapoz conversation as well. The artist, fresh off a strong schedule of exhibitions in 2019, is back at it again with Belgian studio Case Studyo in this collection of limited edition bowls. This is not the first time the artist and design team have teamed up, with the Dog Bench being a hit not long ago. 

As Case Studyo says of the collaboration: "Jean Jullien and Case Studyo are back at it again with their colourful shenanigans to brighten up your dinner table. The edition consists of 2 large hand shaped coloured porcelain bowls, each embellished with the artist’s signature brush strokes. Fruit bowl or fish bowl, salad bowl or skate bowl,... the choice is yours!"

The porcelain bowls come with custom packaging. The bowls will be on the Case Studyo webstoretomorrow Thursday, January 30th at 8:00 AM EST.