For many, this week is a bit like a holiday. Sure, 4/20 was Monday, but let's extend that out a week and we have a weed celebration. Our good friends at the Natural Cannabis Company used this week to announce the winners of their annual High Art competition, a great list of 5 international names that truly show the wide-ranging reach of the High Art conest. 

So without further ado, the winner this year was Ale De La Torre from Mexico, who won the $15,000 prize with the piece Curandera, along with an additional $10,000 donation to the International Red Cross! Second place went to Nicolas Rosenfeld fromArgentina with The Alchemist. Third place to Erraxul from Morocco with Gateway of Magic, and 4th and 5th to Gloombrow from Canada for Hare E Houdini and Gio Karlo Birondo from the Philippines for Defending Love.

See the top 20 prize winners at!