We love a good architecture tour. Get me on the Chicago riverboat architecture tour any day of the week and I love a good view of a city through the buildings that make it. One of the reasons we love the A' Design Awards is that we can see how our world is being built and what lasting ideas and creativity looks like. Take a look at what the A' Design Awards are all about. 

Today, we look at what continues to be one of the most popular categories, the A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award. Like we said before, we love seeing how cities and the look of our world evolves, and this category shows just how far we have come on a global scale. 

What is cool about the A' Design Award is that there is a call for nominations as well, so the scope is even larger. If you have ideas yourself, you can register to submit for next year's competiion. 

A few months ago, we put together a list of some of our favorite designs from the past year,  and as you can see there are over 100 categories for which this competition is judged by a group of expert jurors, who are an international jury of scholars, professionals and media members with in-depth knowledge of design. You can look at some past winners to get an idea on what sort things people are designing, or what you can find yourself in a unique place to add something fresh. We say it every year because its close to our heart, but the Interior Space and Exhibition Design category because that is vital to what we do here at Juxtapoz: looking at art in special places (even when this pandemic is over). We have also grown to love the Packaging Design category as well, which shared a bunch in the gallery above. See some more popular categories here. Hey, and if you win, we hope you can get to go to the big Gala night in Milan, Italy in 2021. We announce the winners here in April 2021. 

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