Taken from one of his most popular drawings at a Paris show last year, Pejac will release Yin-Yang, a diptych print especially recreated for a limited release with AvanteArte.

Consisting of two images that dominate the narrative, Pejac's diptych uses melting polar ice caps as a symbol for global warming and climate change, which first became front-page news almost 30 years ago. Today's problem of heat-trapping gas emissions from burning fossil fuel, which was recently rebranded 'freedom gas' by the Trump Administration, is an everyday topic as our globally connected planet faces its direct consequences. Some include wildfires, floods, devastating hurricanes, and melting icebergs, most of which have been utilized as reference points by artists we've featured in the magazine. It is the latter – melting icebergs – arguably the most evident example of this monumental emergency the artist uses as inspiration to create a charcoal drawing that speaks volumes.

The first image depicts an Inuit man fishing through an open hole with a frozen whiteout setting dominating the scenery. An accompanying image displays the same man fishing on a lonely slab of ice, floating on the surface of an endless black ocean. The evident narrative follows the "before and after" storyline, putting the man in the middle of a global crisis. Further on, Pejac uses the universally recognizable symbol for eternal balance as the base structure to highlight the scope of the crisis the planet is facing.––Sasha Bogojev

On July 2nd, Pejac and AvantArte release a limited edition of 10 hand-embellished impressions, with 70% of the proceeds going SaveTheMed.org, an NGO working with Mediterranean marine ecosystems. The following day, Pejac will offer 90 examples of a regular edition print through Pejac.es.