As we announced earlier this week, Juxtapoz has teamed with a group of Ukraine-based artists, curated by our friend Waone, to create a series of prints to benefit people on the ground in the country effected by the continued war. You can see and purchase the prints here:

Today we speak with Lviv-based Iryna Maksymova about her two prints, Hero and Game

Evan Pricco: Talk about the two prints you donated?
Iryna Maksymova: Both works are about big, cruel games played on a world arena. About a big victory where Ukraine will win, about brave Ukrainian people and peace that we all so much want.

So this must play into how you have felt over the last month?
Before the war, Ukrainians from east and west had their differences but now, I can feel that we are so united and connected like never before. And it is all because people opened their hearts and started to communicate. We are one big strong community, we are a family. I am proud to be a Ukrainian. 

You can purchase the prints at

All procoeeds to benefit Save Ukraine Now