As we announced last week, Juxtapoz has teamed with a group of Ukraine-based artists, curated by our friend Waone, to create a series of prints to benefit people on the ground in the country effected by the continued war. You can see and purchase the prints here:

Over the next few weeks, we will be speaking with various artists who contributed, and today we speak with Stepan Ryabchenko, who donated the Peace print to the benefit.  Combining figurative and abstract futuristic language, he creates largescale digital prints and computer animation, which become "fragments" of the virtual universe he designed. Often the subjects of the image are imaginary plants and animals – the surrealistic appearance of the life form, existing according to the laws of the world created for them by the artist. The virtual landscapes in which Ryabchenko unfolds the stories of the characters are a self-sufficient multidimensional digital reality. Despite its technological digital origin, the appearance of this space is far from all urban and man-made. Using a component of technological development of mankind as a tool Stepan Ryabchenko appeals to the idea of human relationships with the natural environment.

Evan Pricco: Can you tell us about the intention of the work?
Stepan Ryabchenko: The “Peace” artwork has collected bright and at the same time, gentle heavenly images. It reminds us of the most important thing in such unsettling times – Love. Love is a state in which calmness, grace and peace reign. A state in which there is no place for malice, hatred or war. Love is a divine state, the state of true happiness and inspiration. Love endures everything and encompasses everything. It brings hope. Love will never end.

What have the past two months taught you? I know that is general but I imaging there is a lot of turmoil going on, even making a work called Peace... 
It teaches you to find the best qualities in yourself and share them with people.

You can purchase the prints at

All procoeeds to benefit Save Ukraine Now