AllRightsReserved have been on a roll recently with their new Meet Project collectibles label. From releases with Erik Parker, David Shrigley and Yue Minjun, the Hong Kong-based crew have teamed up with US artist and former Juxtapoz cover artist, Andy Rementer, on series of collectible polystone sculptures based on Rementer's iconic characters. The "Downtown" series, releasing this week, consists of 5 limited-edition sculpture works: “SPRING”, “HENRY”, “COOPER”, “PEARL” and “ELIZABETH.”

Rementer's oil paintings have always contained an almost exuberant quality to them; they are full of energy even as they depict often calm and serene settings or characters that are going through the tasks of their daily lives. But these characters feel right at home off the canvas and into sculptural form, bright and cartoon-esque with honest human qualities. Each character created in the series came about when Rementer was living in NYC, with each of sculptures named after his favorite streets. “Cities and characters are two very big influences on my work. I like to think of the 'Downtown' characters as all perhaps living in the same environment. Maybe they are people or observed moments one can encounter while walking through my imaginary city,” Rementer explains.

Each of the works is made in an edition of 50, made from polystone and ranging from 9" tall to almost 1-foot tall. Visit for more information.