One of our favorite painters, Ojai-based Brian Calvin (recently featured in our Winter 2021 Quarterly) has just teamed up with AllRightsReserved and their Meet Project for his first ever bronze sculpture edition. Calvin's work has always been accentuated with bold facial expressions, mouths to be exact, and in his Plant Life sculptural edition, he focuses on the lips/tongue/teeth motif for "plant" and eyes to complete the stem/petal interpretation. It's a plant in the perfect Calvin-created universe. 

The release of Calvin's Plant Life is now open for drawing globally on DDT Store in a limited edition of 40 until 12am (EDT), 15 March 2021. 

“Art reflects the time in which it is made, either directly or indirectly," Calvin spoke about his work and this edition. "I like the challenge of constructing a unique figure or a person. Often just started with an eye or a mouth without thinking about the gender, I would agree that my works seem to be more feminine. I like the idea of creating a home collectible like a plant, yet it is also something else."

Plant Life is priced at USD $2,500, Signed and numbered, edition of 40. Packaged in wooden box.
For a chance to purchase, please enter the draw on now. Successful entrants will be notified via email by 15 March. Shipping begins from End of March 2021