In our ongoing series to benefit various non-profits, organizations and charities around the country, today Juxtapoz and If You Were Here Now are excited to announce the release of Liz Hernandez's Sobrevivir la soledad (Surviving Solitude) printThe Mexico City-born, Oakland-based artist will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Border Kindness, which provides basic nurturing assistance to migrants and asylum seekers.  

Liz Hernandez Sobrevivir La soledad 2

Hernandez will be showing a new body of work at pt2 Gallery in Oakland in November 2020, featuring works on canvas and paper that pulls imagery from her memories of growing up in Mexico City. When we asked about this particular print and the story behind the image, she explained, “It’s definitely inspired by the current state of the world and what I’m focused on now. I’m focusing on different parts of my body, too. Like my hands, just constantly thinking if I’m washing them enough and if they are clean. And my lungs, maybe these places where I have tension. And so I made a vessel for them, where you see hands, lungs and eyes. And I use the vessel to remember these things, and if someone were to see this image in 30 years, maybe they will remember, too, what we went through in these times.” 

Buy the print here: Sobrevivir la soledad" (Surviving Solitude) 
11 x14 inch giclee print, 2020