As part of our ongoing series of fundraising prints in collaboration with If You Were Here Now, we have released a print by Cancun, Mexico-based painter Ana Leovy entitled Summer.  Proceeds from the sale will go to support the Lebanese Red Cross who are working on the ground after the unimaginably tragic explosion in Beirut. "I mainly work with gouache and acrylics," Leovy says. "I'm passionate about celebrating diversity through my work, weaving stories through shapes and colors, inspired by fashion, culture, dreams and everyday life. My art intends to represent strong confident characters living in vibrant worlds which are often a fusion between real life and my imagination. I play with the disruption of the human form to reveal my view on both internal and external beauty."



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The Summer print is $100, with proceeds going to the Lebanese Red Cross
11 x 14 inches, Giclee print on cranes lettra, 100% cotton stock, 2020. Printed in Oakland.