Today, Juxtapoz is excited to announce an exclusive new print by street art pioneer and fine artist, Swoon. The work, entitled Alison the Lacemaker, is available from November 12—November 19, 2020, ONLY at BUY IT NOW! 

For decades, Swoon has been one of the leading voices in street art's emergence as both a landmark evolution in contemporary art and philanthropic endeavors. From her early wheatpastes in Brooklyn to her legendary trips down the Mississippi River and Venetian Canals to now showcasing her installations and animation works in museums around the world. 

"Well, there’s certainly been a big shift in the definition of street art," Swoon told us in our special 25th anniversary issue. "When I started, it meant quickly executed illegal interventions that were about rebellion, pushing against the boundaries of the city, and trying to claim public space for the commons, and just a wild, unbridled, layered, messy, subject-to-the-elements kind of creativity. The definition has slowly evolved to mean big mural projects, usually executed legally with budgets and boom lifts, and often a plan for changing a neighborhood. I’d say the two things are pretty different. Under the right circumstances, I love them both, but I definitely think there’s been a shift that hasn’t been really articulated." 

Alison the Lacemaker
Giclee print
13.3" x 16.5", unsigned, timed-release edition