Today, we are excited to announce new releases in our ongoing Print Shop series, two new prints by San Francisco-based painter and public artist, Jason Jägel. The works, Procession (Who We Be) and Procession (Three the Hard Way) will be available exclusively on from November 27—December 4, 2020. BUY THEM NOW! 

Both prints are available now as 16.5" x 11.7" giclee prints, unsigned. Only available through Juxtapoz.

We have been huge fans of Jason Jägel's works for almost 20 years, especially after we saw his inspired work for the Madlib and MF Doom. Those were iconic works that links Jägel's love of music with stream of consciousness and bold art-making. He combined fantastical scenes with a cast of characters that come in and out of the works, creating a wonderful narrative that has so many details you can't help but to become immersed in his practice. Procession (Three the Hard Way) and Procession (Who We Be) are no different.

"Each of these paintings entitled Procession were created to mirror the—-until recently—constant transit within our San Francisco city streets," Jagel says. "Procession is a parade of characters being themselves. I use the word as in like my father used to say about a unique individual: 'a real character'.

"Each painting holds two of a total thirteen sections. Each section was printed six feet tall on adhesive vinyl and installed continuously end-to-end on Stockton St. in 2017. The entire piece was a total 150 feet long."

Jason Jägel

Procession (Three the Hard Way) and Procession (Who We Be)
Giclee prints
16.5" x 11.7" each, unsigned, timed-release edition
$100 each