In conjunction with our Summer 2021 Quarterly cover story, we are excited to release a special print by Danielle Mckinney. The work, Saw My Shadow, was featured in the issue and in a recent exhibition by the artist. Available exclusively on as a 3-day timed release, July 6—8, 2021. You can purchase the print here. 

"I challenge myself, especially with color, because I’ll paint, and then think, well, what color? And then I’ll have a panic attack in regards to what color the background should be. There’s a harmony with the colors. They have to ring true together, and/or create this vibrational tone to the work." —Danielle Mckinney


Danielle Mckinney Saw My Shadow Print
Giclee print
13.3" x 16.5" 

Mckinney current has a solo show at Marianne Boesky Gallery in Aspen.