We consider ourselves a magazine that likes to celebrate a bit of cheeky darkness. No artist seems to capture our sarcastic desire quite like Spanish artist, Joan Cornellà, who constantly and consistently sets a bar for crude and outlandish sentiments as well as taking us to a dark and playful place. With his near 3m IG followers, it seems like the world needs a little darkness.

So... perfect timing then. Today in Hong Kong, Cornellà is set to release a new 8.7-inch vinyl figure, “FWEN,”and edition print “I HOPE I DIE SOON," with AllRightsReserved. These new works inspired from his well-known comic strip have given way to a stereoscopic piece, with the artist’s signature motifs. The FWEN character comes from a six-part Cornellà comic published in 2018 that depicts... you know, the normal stuff that friends do together. The release will happen at 11PM Eastern Time, October 15, 2020 at ddtstore.com.

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“I HOPE I DIE SOON” features the signature positive-negative response to our irrational world. The humorous negative philosophy is evolved from the book“I Hope You Die Soon: Words on Non-Duality” by the humanistic psychologist Richard Sylvester in 2006, illustrating harrowing action for helpless moments in our lives.


FWEN Vinyl Figure, 2020
Material: Vinyl Dimension: H8.7”
Printed signature under feet

Giclée Print, 2020
Edition of 100
Material: Giclée
Print Dimension: H500 x W665 mm
Signed and numbered