Spanish artist, life-commentator and provocateur, Joan Cornellà just announced the release of his first vinyl figure Selfie Gun, which was produced in collaboration with AllRightsReserved and will be available on October 18th via Following the successful release of a bronze sculpture, the 10-inch edition of Cornellá's famed image will now be limited to 1,000 examples.

Over the years, Cornellà has been creating images that observe modern values and phenomena through extremely dark, borderline disturbing humor. Using a simple aesthetic and lively structure of comics, the Spanish artist often creates a sharp critique of modern man's obsession with technology and self-presentation. He focuses on social networks and selfie culture, bluntly presenting their vicious ignorance and superficial appeal. One of the most popular pieces is the famed Selfie Gun, which shows one of Cornellà's stupidly grinning characters holding a selfie stick with a gun pointed towards him on another end. After featuring the Selfie Gun in different mediums throughout his career – as a large sculpture at his NYC show in 2017, a limited edition print, and even an iPhone case – Cornellá is now releasing a limited edition vinyl figure.

Check out a selection of Joan Cornellà works focused on selfie culture in our photo reel, and find out more about this upcoming release via Sasha Bogojev