We were catching up on some afternoon art reading this afternoon and came across the Hama bead nude works and commissions of UK-based Hannah Ward on It's Nice That. First off, we had to do a refresher on Hama beads: "Hama Beads are small, hollow, melt-together beads that can be used to create wonderful designs and beautiful artwork. They come in three different size ranges, Midi, Mini and Maxi, and can be enjoyed by all ages, abilities and genders." There seems to be a bit of cheeky fun with working with such a material and tackling subjects like censorship, nudity and social interaction. 

“I really like my work to feel like you are peering in on someone’s phone,” Ward said in her conversation with It's Nice That. Like Lucy Sparrow's genius felt sex shop years ago, Ward is playing with materials out of their original context and at the same time recontextualizing our relationship with our more innate emotions and interactions. 

Currently, Ward is taking commissions and selling other products on her site. Go take a look: https://www.hannahlouisedirtyknees.co.uk/