Five Points Festival, the East Coast home of Designer Toys and Alternative culture is back for 2023! The antidote to the average con, Five Points Fest brings tastemakers, misfits, and rebels together with the new, retro, and infamous in a curated one-of-a-kind marketplace.

A weekend of the best indie artists, designer toys, original art, resin sculptures, plush, blind boxes, blanks, minis, kaiju, sofubi, Japanese vinyl, street art, posters, prints, apparel,  live painting, craft beer, food trucks, pins, patchs, tattoos, and more!

With US & international artists from Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, and more, all brought together in the greatest city in the world... NEW YORK, its a party you don’t want to miss!!

Taking place at Brooklyn’s Zero Space on June 10th and 11th.

This year's guests include Ron English, Punk Drunkers, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Ca ndie Bolton, The Daniel Johnston Estate, James Groman, Marusan Toys, Mumbot, Czee13, Dead Beat City, ChrisRWK and Dragon76! So... what are you waiting for?

Grab your tickets now!!!

SATURDAY of Five Points will feature the one and only… KAIJU BIG BATTEL!

See ghastly giants and massive monsters in awesome fighting action!

Presented in the style of professional wrestling events, these costumed performers play the roles of giant, city-crushing monsters similar to Godzilla and Gamera! Kaiju Big Battel brings you performances that are parodies of both professional wrestling and the tokusatsu kaiju eiga films of Japan.

On SUNDAY the National Hip–Hop Museum will host the 40th anniversary celebration of the First Hip-Hop movie, Wild Style!

Throughout the festival day, celebrations will include Kevin “Scene” Lewis live graffiti painting while DJ Tony Crush, DJ Grand Wizzard Theodore, and DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell spin classic hip–hop breaks and early hip–hop from the Wild Style era.

Between the hours of 4-6 pm: NHHM will present a live-streamed podcast via Rock The Bells, culminating in a ceremony inducting Wild Style Director Charlie Ahearn with cast members including Grandmaster Caz & The Cold Crush Brothers, Grand Wizzard Theodore & The Fantastic 5, Patti Astor and Breakdance icon, Crazy Legs, into NHHM’s Hall of Fame.

These legends will receive an award, custom NHHM jacket, fat lace hat, inductee medallions, commemorative cassette necklaces, and custom art by NHHM Creative Director Andy Katz and Photoshop Jedi.

NHHM Historian Jay Quan – a noted hip–hop historian, lecturer, narrator, and writer – will serve as emcee.

Adding to the excitement, NHHM will display a hand–drawn animation slide from the movie’s intro by Zephyr and Revolt donated by Charlie Ahearn, alongside the original amphitheater flyer from 1980, a rare Italian 1984 Wild Style movie poster and vintage articles from the movie’s original premiere.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be hosting the National Hip Hop Museum ‘s Induction ceremony at Five Points this year,” says Josh Kimberg, one of the founders of Five Points Festival. “The path of hip–hop and designer toys has been linked since the very beginning of the art toy scene, on this anniversary it’s time to honor that legacy.”

For 2023 we are excited to have partnered with the amazing GOOD LUCK NYC a Brooklyn custom Tattoo studio specializing in tattoos inspired by the Japanese and Oriental tradition, owned by amazingly talented artists Henbo Henning and Kiku Punk.

Five Points Weekend is honored to be hosting: Henbo Henning (@henbohenning),  Mike Boyd (@mikeboydtattoos), and  Kati Vaughn (@kativaughn) as our tattooing artists!

Over the course of the Five Points Fest weekend (June 10-11, 2023), you can choose from original tattoo flash art from one of our amazing vendors, or you can choose from specially designed flash art from one of the Tattoo artists just for Five Points!

Tattoo prices will range from $300-$500 depending on the art you select.

To get a tattoo, you must be 18 years of age with a valid ID.

To guarantee a slot we will take a $100 deposit that will be applied to your tattoo.

Please email [email protected] to select your day.

*Walk-ups will be possible depending on schedule*

Five Points Festival:
Sunday, June 10th: 11am - 6pm
Saturday, June 11th: 11am - 6pm

Where: Brooklyn Center
72 Noble St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Doors Open at 10am for VIP's.

Daily and full weekend passes available

  • Saturday Only Admission: $30*
  • Sunday Only Admission: $25*
  • Weekend Pass: $40*
  • VIP Pass: $125


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