Juxtapoz and renowned Spanish street and conceptual artist, Escif, are pleased to announce a special 3-print, timed release from the artist's Final Fantasy series. The 3 prints are available exclusively at Shop.Juxtapoz.com

As Escif told us in recent years about his practice, "A wall can be a very powerful channel to communicate with the world, but it can also be something else. Painting a wall is talking to it, knowing it, discovering it. Although it seems like a paradox, I want to think that the moment I paint a wall is an intimate moment of meditation in which everything disappears and only the wall and I are left. The mind disappears, the body disappears, the people disappear, the city enters a silence. Only the wall and me. It is then that I allow myself to share my concerns and problems with it, knowing that no one else will be able to hear us."

The prints are only available from October 18—25, and are all sized at 16.5" x 11" inches. The giclees are unsigned.