Following Woke, his first limited wood sculpture release with Hong Kong-based studio AllRightsReserved, Erik Parker is about to debut two editions titled Future via Based on a similar concept, yet significantly bigger in scale, the new versions comprise a montage of variegated colors within an interactive pyramid sculpture, accompanying a flat panel. 


Hoping to transcend our focus from the intense present onto a hopefully better and brighter tomorrow, the new limited painted wood sculpture is dominated by big, old school graffiti-like letters spelling "FUTURE WORLD." Intricately painted, featuring an accumulation of Parker's frequently used psychedelic cartoon imagery, the work provides a new vision of the current reality and a hopeful, possible future. While the fragmented sculptures provide multiple possibilities of  display, the flat panel edition replicates Parker’s signature pyramid-shaped paintings for a bold statement.

In an effort to facilitate changes taking place nationwide, the artist is currently auctioning one of the panel pieces, with proceeds going to @wokevote, an organization tasked with increasing voter turnout among voters of color.

Future is available on as silkscreened on wood panel measuring nearly 23" x 21", in an edition of 100 + 25AP, each accompanied by the signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, as well as hand-painted wooden sculpture measuring 16" x 16" x 14", in an edition of 18 + 5AP, each packaged in a wooden crate and accompanied with the signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. —Sasha Bogojev