Fans of Jenga and wooden tower games, check out WokeErik Parker recently teamed up with Hong Kong-based studio AllRightsReserved on the production and release of his first wood sculpture. Following an ongoing series of pyramid-shaped canvases, it is an interactive wooden pyramid that can be assembled and changed according to the owner's preference. “I am drawn to the pyramid largely because it is a universally recognized shape that we all can relate to immediately. Pyramids reference ancient history and are the first abstract artworks. They also touch on the futuristic.” This mixture of ancient and futurism goes hand in hand with his concept of constructing “fragmented samples of our culture.”

Parker is known for mixing different influences and visuals, as well as a variety of mediums and techniques from typography over comics to magazine cut-outs. In zippy vibrant creations often made even more vibrant with exuberant colors, the gathering of symbols, characters and patterns, they form a striking visual that sucks the viewer into a labyrinth of narratives.

Produced in an edition of 25 possibilities, Woke gives the viewer the opportunity to play with the piece and construct a custom version. Offering four sets of imagery on five rotating levels, the pyramid-sculpture opens a whole new method of dialogue between the art and the viewer. Each piece measures 20cm(L) x 20cm(W) x 18cm(H), and comes housed in a custom wooden box, signed and numbered by the artist, available for purchase from Sasha Bogojev