Snide but so hilarious, David Shrigley’s  tragicomic drawings, sculptures, and observations offer a necessary and crudely comical view of everyday life. Neither statesmen or his own self are spared as he skewers the worldly matters, as well as foibles, provoking thought and comforting perspective. Fittingly, in the midst of one of the biggest global upheavals most of us have ever experienced, Shrigley presents a prescription in the form of a series which gives "advice to combat anxiety and loneliness." 



Today, Hong Kong-based creative studio AllRightsReserved just revealed their third release from the ongoing series, Meet Project with David Shrigley’s End-of-the-World April Fool’s Day. Always up for introducing absurdity to the general flow of everyday life, the celebrated contemporary British artist will be releasing two limited edition prints and a limited edition ceramic sculpture on April 1st through

The sculptural release, Serpent, follows the line of his Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-thing piece that was presented at Stockholm's Spritmuseum two years ago. This new release is "a companion sculpture to counter loneliness," patterned as an archetypal charmed snake, its face reduced to a silly stickman smiley face. “In many cultures, the snake is seen as representing wickedness or dishonesty," the artist explains. "However, this snake represents truth and positivity. Everyone who has this serpent in their home will experience joy and will find that their attitude towards life becomes more positive." Available in an edition of 250, the signed and numbered 9.5" tall sculpture comes packaged in a wooden box with a certificate of authenticity.

The release also includes two prints from his series of color images painted with acrylic paint and oil stick on paper. “Thankfully, the end of the world is still a long way off. But when it does arrive, the disappointment might be offset by giving everyone free cheeseburgers,” assures the artist about the Double Cheeseburger End Of The World Giveaway image, which suggests just that. Reducing the seriousness of the situation in the context of consumerist society, this image “artist and responsible citizen.“ Keep Your Ass Away From The Cactus" is classic Shrigley, magnifying the commonsensical, making it comical, and making it stick. Both silkscreen prints measuring 22" x 29" are signed by the artist and will be available in a limited edition of 125pcs. —Sasha Bogojev