For so much of his career, Ryan Travis Christian has made elegantly executed monochromatic charcoal works that harken back to the wonderful heyday of early American animation. Even as the works themselves are stunning, there is a humor to the works, sinister and yet childlike. Much of his work is like the adult assigned to create cartoons for kids, whilst creating his own metaphors in the medium for children. We love this about Christian's work, that balance of an ominous universe within the aesthetic's of our morning cartoon memories.  

MEET Project by AllRightsReserved has teamed with Christian for an original limited-edition sculpture “ASHPAN FOR SPLIFFS, ETC”, with what MEET notes as an "injecting dark humor into our lives during these unpredictable times." It might be the nicest ashtray display you will ever have, and one that almost seems to be laughing at the world right along with you. “Birds are funny, weird, goofy, beautiful, and I always thought it is amusing how people tend to project themselves onto them,” Christian explained. “If someone can find amusement or humor in my work, then I think I have done a good job.”

The bird sculpture “ASHPAN FOR SPLIFFS, ETC” by Ryan Travis Christian will be released globally on DDT Store in a limited edition of 250 on 11am, Hong Kong Time, September 18, 2020. Signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. Shipping begins from October, 2020.