Mexico has one of the richest art histories of any country we cover, and of the moment, it has some of the best artists we cover as well. Juxtapoz has a long history with Mexico City in particular, as we had offices there recently and had a fantastic showing of contemporary Mexico-based artists back in Miami during Basel week in 2018. Our good friends at 1XRUN are always on the forefront, and are set to present Nueva Gráfica Mexicana: a celebration of Mexico’s graphic heritage through 30 exciting innovations in printmaking!

Specially for this release, curator (and past Juxtapoz contributor) Emilio Ocampo pushed 13 artists of varying backgrounds to experiment with printmaking processes that were entirely new to them. The result is an inventive collection of artwork from one of the most compelling art scenes in the world.

“We have a really cool graphic heritage in Mexico. I wanted to show the world what’s happening here. There is no big message behind it; it’s more about the best way to improve the artist’s graphic, try something different, push to new boundaries.”–Emilio Ocampo

Don’t miss 30 limited editions by 13 artists on January 17, 2022. See the collection here!