Art and travel project The Jaunt released its latest book, which features a total of 40 artists who travel the world and document their creative process along the way. The book, released through Chemistry Publishing, features in-depth stories, travel photos, and looks inside the sketchbooks and artworks of the artists inspired by these trips.


The Jaunt sends artists all over the world in order to find inspiration. As artists travel to a place they have never been to before, they let the new environment inspire their creative process, creating a unique artwork as a result. The Jaunt has worked with many of our favorite featured artists such as Cleon Peterson, Ekta, Evan HecoxCollin van der SluijsErosie, Jean Jullien, and many more. By the end of this year, they'll have organized a total of 60 such trips!

Released as a 324-page hardcover, the book catalogs a number of such trips, beginning with #11 when Raymond Lemstra traveled to South Korea and ending on #50 when Cody Hudson traveled to Costa Rica. In addition, the book is available in three limited-edition covers inspired by artists Laura Berger, Hense and Tom Haugomat.


The Jaunt's latest book release is available to purchase through Chemistry Publishing's shop.

Laura Berger's limited-edition artist cover is available here.
Hense's limited-edition artist cover is available here.
Tom Haugomat's limited-edition artist cover is available here.

Tom Haugomat Edition

Artists featured in the book:
Andrea Wan, Daniel Frost, Job Wouters, Louis Reith, AKA Corleone, Tim Biskup, Scott Albrecht, Lennard Kok, Nigel Peake, Sigrid Calon, Joost Stokhof, Hyland Mather, Graphic Surgery, Joram Roukes, Monica Ramos, Morcky, Laura Berger, Kristin Texeira, Vincent de Boer, Merijn Hos, Troy Lovegates, Olimpia Zagnoli, Hedof, Mike Perry, Niels Shoe Meulman, Atelier Bingo, William LaChance, and Stephen Smith.