"My criteria for what I choose to make the work about isn’t as defined, except that I view the pieces as an artifact of my time, so I try to make work of ideas or experiences that I would want to preserve," Scott Albrecht told us in 2020 at the height of the global lockdown. "A lot of the work is inspired by specific things but the distillation that takes shape tends to focus more on the emotion of that time rather than the act itself." 

Now, Albrecht has just publised a new collection, IN TIME, a book that covers 2017–2021, a significant moment in the artist's career that mirrors our societal shifts as well. As the book preview states, "he 180-page monograph collects his work and process, spotlighting exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, a residency in Portugal, and various public art projects. Featuring an introduction by writer, editor, and Grammy-winner David Pescovitz, essays by Jeroen Smeets, Biljana Puric, and an interview with Hashimoto Contemporary gallery director, Jennifer Rizzo, IN TIME shares an extensive view of his work."