Timed to release during the run of his debut and landmark Just My Imagination solo show, BEYOND THE STREETS Publishing & CONTROL Gallery are pleased to announce Sketches: Book One, a comprehensive book of sketches from iconic Los Angeles artist, Mister CARTOON. Featuring over 290 drawings, this 180-page release dives into two decades of work with an intimate look at the ideation process of art that eventually became the basis of designs for tattoos, magazines, commercial projects, and some which never left the studio – until now.

“Over the last 20 years I’ve accumulated countless drawings in my drawers that I thought would never see the light of day," Mister CARTOON says. "They aren’t finished in many ways, but they do offer a peek into how I first started developing ideas for what would become artwork for tattoos, magazines and even logos. These pen and pencil drawings are raw, very unpolished and definitely not digital like many things are these days. They’re old school sketches on paper that I’m hyped to see come together and be presented in a way that can celebrate my journey as an artist. It's not always about being perfect, but rather keeping things loose and fluid to express all the ideas in my head." 

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