A couple of months ago, we stepped inside Eron's studio outside Rimini, Italy and surveyed a place where the elusive artist contemplates the thought-provoking concepts he's best known for. With a studio practice that fully masters his expert muralist reputation, mind-bending wall interventions create an illusion by adding realistic elements to existing structures as his forte.

Since drawing figures at age 5 and dabbling in graffiti by age 18, Eron incorporated characters next to his name from the very beginning. His love for figurative work eventually prevailed, but at some point, he stopped lettering and fully focused on figurative work, tirelessly brushing up his technique. Using spraypaint as a favorite medium, his studio features works on canvas, interventions on found objects, as well as smaller drawings on paper for which he uses anything from spray paint and acrylic to pencil and marker. With a preference for working in public and presenting to a wider audience, Eron is quite selective about the galleries and exhibitions he partakes. At the same time, he notoriously maintains his anonymity in an effort to maintain a quiet, private life and avoid eventual problems due to illegal works he might have done in the past.

While his outdoor works are always site-specific and use surrounding elements as part of the concept, Eron's studio work shares similar ideas with a different approach. Because context isn't part of the equation, each piece continues to share the same message and sentiment as larger interventions. Using the peculiarity of spraypaint to his advantage, Eron paints illusory imagery that often features surreal elements. From a heart-shaped sun to abstract animal scribbles, the work almost always focuses on subjects relating to history or social themes. As a strong believer of using contemporary art as a tool to make people think and consider others, Eron focuses his latest work on the ongoing refugee crisis, a commentary on his homeland's political situation.

Eron is featured alongside Addam Yekutieli and ICY and SOT in the upcoming group show The Distance Between, which opens on September 27, 2019, at BC Gallery in Berlin. Additionally, he will have a solo show in Milan with Galleria Patricia Armocida early next year.

Photo credit and text by Sasha Bogojev