Anatomy: Natalie Wadlington features new paintings by the Texas-based artist, who creates vibrant oil paintings that are based in story-telling and figuration. Her characters are wide-eyed with wonderment and fear as they navigate various environments and encounters with both wild and domesticated animals. Within her paintings, humans and animals come together in symbolic scenes that mirror our own complex interpersonal struggles for understanding.


Wadlington’s works are layered in their defense of our innate connection to other species in the natural world, which is an idea she reinforces through each aspect of the painting process, from composition and hierarchy to texture, color, light and shadow. The works are undeniably whimsical, however, Wadlington’s insight and care means that every decision is made in the spirit of mutualism and with respect to real-life environmental nuance. One of the most prominent characteristics of her unique works is compositional unity, where the curves of figurative bodies break and continue on as the outline of a dog, fish, or snapping turtle, connecting human and animal in an infinite loop of mutual dependence.

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