"Interventions in urban spaces do not just equal resistance and opposition, they signify innovation and raise questions as to how cities come to be the way they are." That's a lovely quote from Adrian Burnham of Flying Leaps, and the centerpiece of this unique episode of the Radio Juxtapoz Podcast. This week we are at Social Surfaces +0161 in Manchester, UK, where our co-host Doug Gillen spent the week documenting the unique conference of public art and intervention ideas and conversation.

As better put: "Social Surfaces +0161 brings together a wide range of voices to consider ways of intervening in, and changing, city life. Artists, academics, architects, psychogeographers, visual activists, photographers, critics and more contribute to a program of street displays, walks, talks, films and workshops to explore fresh perspectives on the city. Our common thread is a commitment to both investigating and making interventions that reveal and question hidden boundaries: that test agency and the power relations woven into the material and emotional life of urban environments. In short, how our cities ‘talk’ to us, with us, and about us."

In this episode of the Radio Juxtapoz Podcast, Doug speaks with activist/craftivist Carrie Reichardt, artist/organizer Jordan Seiler, and Dispatchwork artist/interventionist, Jan Vormann. Each conversation revolves around this idea of how the city can be shaped, how it speaks to us and how interventions help reimagine the power of the places we live and visit.

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The Radio Juxtapoz Podcast is hosted by Doug Gillen of Fifth Wall TV and Juxtapoz Editor, Evan Pricco.