This feels like an exclusive on the Radio Juxtapoz Podcast! For episode 23, we have something special, the first ever podcast interview with one of the world's leading muralists, Valencia-based, Argentina-born, Hyuro. Her works and persona convey an air of mystery in poetic imagery both timeless and politically precise. In the classical role of muralist, Hyuro conducts the history of social realism and storytelling in bold and enigmatic metaphor.

We remember years ago Detroit Institute of Arts director, Graham Beal expanding on the Detroit Industry Murals by Diego Rivera, “All of the (other) panels are more allegorical, much more symbolic. They deal with the good and the bad, with man and machine, organic vs inorganic, really it's a very complex program.” Hyuro addresses these levels with man vs modernity, the changing tides of society, and that organic connection we all have in an increasingly inorganic world.

Radio Juxtapoz sat down with Hyuro after she completed both an outdoor mural and indoor installation at the 2019 Nuart Festival in Stavanger, Norway. For a festival themed as a conversation about "retro vs. brand new," Hyuro is the perfect embodiment: she balances a history of storytelling in public space with the world audience paying attention, just a click of a button away. We talk to her about feeling comfortable in a creative crisis, how her color palette is defined by the fabrics we wear and how leaving a wall behind for others to engage in an enormous task.

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