For years, we have been fans of, and followed the muralist, painter, photography, illustrator and filmmaker Pat Perry. What started as a fascination with his On the Road style journal drawings, documented a bohemian life on the go around North America has now turned to an international view of building communities through art in places far and wide, including where this episode was recorded, in Ferizaj, Kosovo for Mural Fest Kosovo.

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The Detroit-based artist is one of America's leading muralists, but when you dig deeper, his paintings are like contemporary Andrew Wyeth scenes of rural life and tender moments that often go overlooked. In this episode of Radio Juxtapoz, Doug Gillen speaks with Pat Perry as he completed his mural in Ferizaj and we hear about how the artist tried to embed himself where he paints, the bringing together of all his creative passions and taking of the life jacket of his career and jumping into the deep end of art. 

Pat was a participating artist for the On/Offline edition of Mural Fest Kosovo.

The Radio Juxtapoz podcast is hosted by FIFTH WALL TV's Doug Gillen and Juxtapoz editor, Evan Pricco. Episode 095 was recorded in September 2022 in Ferizaj, Kosovo. Follow us on @radiojuxtapoz