Even in one of the strangest years on record,Banksy still finds a way to stand out. Pandemics don’t stop the elusive superstar artist, who’s been busy, most recently, taking over the London Underground , one of the hit projects we’ve witnessed in 2020, street art or otherwise. But more importantly, Banksy has demonstrated empathy and generosity, as he did earlier this year with work donated to the Southampton General Hospital auctioned to raise money for the NHS. And he’s back at it.


This week, news broke that Banksy donated the Mediterranean sea view 2017 triptych, which can be viewed here, to Sotheby’s for auction to raise funds for the Children’s Hospital and Stroke Unit. “Until very recently, Banksy’s Mediterranean sea view 2017 was installed in the lobby of the artist’s ‘Walled Off Hotel’ in the Palestinian town of Bethlehem,” Sotheby’s notes, adding allure to the prospect of snagging a rarely available painting by the artist. The piece is expected to fetch 800,000 - 1,200,000 GBP, which probably means it will go for double.