NY-based fine artist Anna Park's charcoal works immediately caught our eye and felt like the perfect reflection of our times. Not in an overtly, politics-by-numbers sort of way. But in a chaotic world, where emotions tend to ebb and flow by the second, with news and even worse news hitting us constantly, these works are about release. That moment, as she notes, between "ecstasy and pure fuckery," when, as an observer, you have an out of body experience at a party, perhaps too drunk, and you can soak in that balance all at once. It disappears quickly, this awareness, but Anna Park is documenting that feeling. That moment.

As Juxtapoz unveils the Fall 2019 issue, we sat down with featured artist and current New York Academy of Art student, Anna Park, to talk about how these works have taken the attention of the art world in less than a year. We discuss how this transition happened, as well as her recent residency in Neo Rauch's hometown in Germany, what its like to balance her last year of study with a budding fine art career and how a childhood of relocating around the world has found its way into these ghostly, yet powerful, new works.

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 The Radio Juxtapoz Podcast, Episode 021 is hosted by Doug Gillen of Fifth Wall TV and Juxtapoz Editor-in-chief, Evan Pricco.