Still life, indeed. Life is happening, perhaps in new ways, all starts and stops. A different sort of  anxiety pervades, but it is indeed, still life. Jillian Evelyn gave her newest solo show at Subliminal Projects one of the best titles of this crazy year (It's Still Life), and it may be her best body of work to date. The characters have matured, each color and line choice so purposeful, and her take on minimalism has emerged into a richer and fuller canvas. These works feel alive. Every angle and awkward pose, each vantage point and mundane gesture comes across as an artist working with directness, confidently wielding a fresh set of aesthetic tools. Evelyn proves that, even when our lives may technically been pressed into pause mode, she is, indeed, chooses to create with purpose and vitality.

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We have been wanting to have Jillian on the Radio Juxtapoz podcast for years; she has been As part of our Juxtapoz Clubhouses in Miami,  featured in our print edition and  an all around fit for the fine art we love to cover, we been wanting to talk to Jillian on the Radio Juxtapoz podcast for awhile. It's Still Life feels like a maturation, a culmination of her unique and clean style mixed with art historical references and use of the female body throughout art history. From her days as a designer in footwear to her beginnings as a painter and muralist to now being able to fully spread her wings in Los Angeles, it's been a busy journey for Evelyn, and one that keeps evolving.

In episode 058 of the Radio Juxtapoz podcast, we talk to Evelyn about It's Still Life and how it came to be, growing up in Michigan, working as a designer in Boston, becoming a full-time painter in Los Angeles, deciding against grad school, and the challenge of murals,  Plus ... we have a Radio Juxtapoz first! Jillian's mom stops in for a quick update on what moms think of nudity in art and a little body humor. 

The Radio Juxtapoz podcast is hosted by FIFTH WALL TV's Doug Gillen and Juxtapoz editor, Evan Pricco. Episode 058 was recorded via Skype from Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, November, 62020. It's Still Life is on view at Subliminal Projects via appointment through December 20, 2020. Follow her at @jillian_evelyn